Teacher with Violent Past Allegedly Assaults Student

Christina Dabbs is upset about allegations her son’s science teacher assaulted him, but she’s even more concerned about Rayburn McGuire’s arrest record.

“He is accused of shooting his cousin over music after a funeral. This is someone who is violent. This is my son’s teacher,” said Dabbs.

Dabbs’ son Gavyn is in the fifth grade at Seaborn Lee Elementary in Fulton County. Gavyn said McGuire assaulted him in class last week.

“He punched me in my chest. He said ‘Come on, get up’ and then I walked outside. He grabbed me by my collar and yanked me outside,” said Gavyn.

Gavyn said McGuire didn’t stop there.

“He asked, ‘Why did you do that?’ I said ‘I don’t know’. He said, ‘Are you going to do it again?’ I said ‘no’. Then I walked back in the classroom. I was about to sit back down in my chair and he pushed my head down. I hit the floor and then I got up and laughed so I wouldn’t cry,” said Gavyn.

While a CBS Atlanta news crew was talking to Gavyn’s mother, she decided to look online for a picture of McGuire – what she found disturbed her.

“I just Googled his name and an article on the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) popped up. Is stated bond was denied for post-funeral shooter. Oh my goodness!” Dabbs said.

In February McGuire was arrested and charged with shooting his cousin. Fulton County Schools hired him in October.

“It’s shocking that he is allowed to be teaching in an elementary school – teaching, period,” said Dabbs.

Fulton County Schools spokeswoman Susan Hale emailed this statement:

“This is a serious allegation and one that our school district does not take lightly. The employee has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.”

Hale said the district placed McGuire on administrative leave Wednesday after inquires were made about his arrest record.

Hale said that arrest didn’t show up on McGuire’s background check, which he passed, because the charges against him were dropped.

McGuire’s attorney said the charges were dropped because he shot his cousin in self-defense.


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