MIND CONTROL : (Remote) Electronic Mind Reading & (Remote) Electronic Mind Control #3

Protection against (Remote) Electronic Mind Reading and (Remote) Electronic Mind Control

Protection against electronic mind reading is only possible using some kind of scrambler device, sending random signals, or advanced shielding. If you suspect your mind is being read you may want to start thinking different while doing things, e.g. while typing a password or pin code, think of different/random numbers and letters (this is not easy, but you can learn to do this). Also, you can try to think about certain things, just to generate thoughts and keep your attackers busy. Protection against electronic mind control is possible by being very aware that this can be done to you.

Many people listen to this little voice inside their head telli ng them to do this or to do that. This is something you can never do when you suspect someone is trying to control your mind! Never listen to the little voice inside your head again! You will have to develop extra awareness about your thoughts. When you have a thought, think about it, is it normal to have such a thought? If not, simply discard it and do not think about it again. Electronic mind control is often done to synchronize events. E.g. they make you think about person X, and then have person X call you. This is funny the first time, but such things happening all the time will certainly drive you crazy. They can also monitor your friend in his home and when your friend goes to the toilet, they make you think of your friend and you will call him. Now suppose this happens several times, then your friend will start thinking weird thoughts about you. These are just examples of what can be done. To prevent such incidents to happen, randomize the time you react to your thoughts (or events) and sometimes do not react at all. I call this: breaking the loop.

Applications of (Remote) Electronic Mind Reading and (Remote) Electronic Mind Control

Besides many good things, this technology can also be used for the worst. Some examples, individual related:

  • Drive a person into schizophrenic behaviour
  • Steal by mind reading: bank accounts, pin codes, innovative ideas
  • Blackmail a person by obtaining secrets by mind reading
  • Mar k a person dangerous, based on some thought (many people people have some times)
  • Use a random person as a spy, by hearing through his ears and seeing through the eyes
  • Create terrorists by feeding their minds with terrorist ideas
  • Torture a person by letting him/her know that his/her thoughts are no longer private
  • Etc.

In addition, this technology can also be used to control groups of people. Example: assume you want a revolution somewhere, e.g. in the U.S.A. Then you just ‘transmit’ the words ‘Obama murderer’ to specific area’s and have som e co-operatives from NGO’s triggering the masses by shouting the same (Google: voice of God weapon).

Mark Rich, Boston.



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